Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 16: Reunited

Another soggy day in Stockholm, and another warm and cozy destination to lure me out of the house. This time it was off to Rotebro, delicious home-cooked Indian food at the Malaysians, and a reunion with a very squishable friend. When I moved out after a three week stay at Sharm and Vick's in March, Maizie stayed behind. I was going to be away for five weeks visiting family and I thought Maizie, who'd only been in Sweden for a few weeks at that point, would be happier remaining in an environment with familiar faces. Fortunately, the Malaysians, big and small, agreed to put her up for the duration.

I've been back in Stockholm for some time now and although we've spoken on the phone a couple of times, I had not been out to Rotebro until today. To my utter surprise, what do I find? Maizie has been relegated to one of the kids' rooms! Why? you ask. Get this...because she is white! Let me tell you, a discussion ensued after that explanation?! The situation was diffused when I wrapped Maizie in my cardigan, rendering her whiteness invisible and she was able to join us on the table. (To be fair, she got relegated for her own protection...from spills and such.)

After a lovely visit and a yummy meal, we said our good-byes and set off for the pendeltåg (commuter train) station to make our way home. It was Maizie's first pendeltåg ride (we arrived in Rotebro by taxi) and she was very excited. Not only was she finally coming home, she would also get to meet Lucy and Baboo who were anticipating her arrival with great curiosity on their end.

Maizie on the pendeltåg

Irresistible and outgoing, Maizie made new friends even before we boarded the train so we had company for a good part of the ride.

Aleya and Milton pimp Maizie with a hat that matches her coloring
and stylish handbag in her udders

We arrived home safe and sound, much to the delight of Baboo and Lucy.

Lucy gets a piggyback (cowback?) ride from Maizie
while Baboo patiently awaits his turn

As I write, Maizie is regaling her new family with tales of her many other squishable friends and the adventures they shared at Better sign off now and see what they're up to.

Some of Maizie's friends


  1. I was there when you met Maize for the first time! Adorable story! Made me smile!!!

  2. Yes you were! A fun evening that was too.