Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 22: Both Sides Now

Today, happy was lolling in bed. All day long. Woke up with very tired feet. Made coffee and climbed back into bed for the morning ritual: coffee and my iPad. Finished the coffee. Stayed in bed. Eventually got hungry. Made fruit salad, mixed it with yogurt, coconut flakes and cashews. Then ate bed.

Read a book. Played Wordfeud. Read some more. Napped. Watched House via air video (Thank You Nick!) interspersed with more Wordfeud, checking e-mail and Facebook.

And so the day unfolded because today the lazy hazy side of me got to be center stage. She usually gets relegated to the wings in the hubbub of all the shoulds and musts. Not today. Today, I simply stepped aside and let her step up, front and center. Because happy means embracing it all. It's easy to be happy about the things you like in yourself. It's harder to embrace, honor and, yes, even treasure the parts you are less fond of. She's happy. I'm happy. Tomorrow we can go forth together and face the world. Right now, though, it's evening teatime guessed it...back to bed!

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