Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 15: Carrot

In my very first blog entry (Day 1: Life became a day longer today), I was telling you that in Sweden, you learn to let the weather steer your life in spring and summer. What I failed to mention is how often winter shows up just when you thought you were well into the warmer seasons. Camilla posted on FB today that she'd read in the newspaper that it was colder out today than it was on Christmas. And I can attest to the fact that it's been raining, non-stop, since the morning. And not just a light drizzle mind you, a downpour. And windy. All day. Yesterday too.

This was the kind of morning that lent itself to pulling the covers over my head, not to getting out of bed, not to mention out of the house! On days like today, I've learned, I have to have compelling motivation to venture outdoors. I need a carrot. What works best for me is to ensure I'm expected somewhere...preferably somewhere warm and cozy.

That is how I found myself on a bus to Alunda at 10:45 this morning, on my way to visit Åsa and her two girls. As the rain was pelting the bus windows and cars were swishing by, I thought how lucky I am to have had a reason to get up this morning. Åsa and her oldest were waiting for me at the bus stop and when were done grocery shopping, we came home to be greeted by Sashimi the cat. It was toasty in their house and Åsa and I sat down to a cup of tea and to discuss life.

One thing led to another and soon we were tackling the laundry room, which got a complete makeover. Now to the rest of you this might sound like an absolutely horrific way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but I was in my element. All the cupboards got emptied. A system of laundry sorting was put in place. Surfaces got scrubbed. Several loads of laundry were washed. Most importantly, Åsa was so pleased. And grateful. As for me, imagine being appreciated for something you love to do and are good at. It doesn't get better than that!

So thank you Åsa, for this and for the great dinner and pleasant company. Which we are still enjoying, even now, candles and all, as the rain contiues to come down. Outside.

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