Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 11: Sacred time

For the record, there's no point in calling me between 11:50 and 12:50 weekdays Stockholm time. That's my hour for communing with Cesar Millan as he helps dogs and their owners work toward achieving balance in their lives. I'm not really sure how I came to start watching The Dog Whisperer. I've never owned a dog, and frankly I'm not all that fond of them. But right from the start, I fell in love with this show. Perhaps it's the feel-good aspect (most of the time, dog and dog owner "live happily ever after" together...but not always) or the wisdom Millan imparts to the humans he works with. Whatever it is, I can always count on TDW to bring a tear to my eye or a smile to my face. So 11:50 to 12:50 weekdays is sacred time.

Today, I leave you with the following clip that made me laugh out loud:

- What do you enjoy on a sunny summer day?
- Birgit answers, "Sex maybe, I'm not that fond of ice cream,"

She sure looks happy, doesn't she?!

P.S. As it turns out, the question posed was "How many ice creams do you usually eat on a sunny summer day?" and her answer was "sex" which means both "sex" and "six" in Swedish. Either way, it made me chuckle. 

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