Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 37: Om vitsen med att prata med folk

I'm having a kind of vegging out day. A day doing nothing. A day of simply being. This is actually not as easy as it sounds. Take for example, the pusher. The pusher is constantly on my case to be doing something. The pusher is like, "OK. So you've done that, now what?" Now what are the pusher's favorite words.

My anchor today is a Skype date with a friend in NY. My friend is a wonderful talker. Probably likes talking more than anything else in the world. This makes it fun and always interesting to talk with him. He is also a fabulous listener, which, of course, is what it takes to be a good conversationalist. So, about an hour from now, I am going to engage in a genuine conversation. :-)

Until then, or sooner if I feel done, I am writing this blog. It feels great to send the pusher on vacation. Also, to honor her. To be fair, the pusher is also why this blog appears, every day. I'm pleased with this gift I am giving myself. Tracking my life for a year. Makes me happy.

But I digress...
Jo. This Midsummer, I was reminded of the point of talking to people (rough translation of the blog name from Swedish). Because I have heard that there's no point in talking about things, it doesn't help anyway, so why bother. And somewhere along the line, I think I bought into that. That, or Swedish reserve has rubbed off on me. Either way, every once in a while, it's nice to get a nice swift kick in the butt as a wake-up call. (Can you fit more metaphors into one sentence?)

Did you know, for example, (non-Swedes can skip this may find it boring) that if you use your ROT-avdrag, Skatteverket pays the contractor now, and deducts the amount from your taxes at the end of the year. This basically means that you can borrow that money from them, until February or so of the following year, interest-free

Nope, I didn't know either. Until I started talking to people. You get stuff for your taxes in this country, folks. Yes you do. That, too, makes me happy.

Ready to Skype!

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