Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 40: A weight was lifted...

...or at least a block. Yessiree, folks, I'm writing again. Interesting how yesterday's blog got the greatest number of comments thus far. Which kind of reaffirms my conviction about talking to people. Vitsen att prata med folk. Every one of the comments was so super-supportive in its own way. Everything from commiseration ("Writing a daily blog is harrrrdddd.") to ways to unblock the block.

But I digress...
Had to come up with a photo for today, because I think it's prettier with a photo. So, in case of emergency, and if I can't find one more appropriate to today's thoughts, here's a photo of the socks I chose for today's outfit...aren't they simply gorgeous?

I've been thinking about this thing called writing. Where does it come from? Why is it important? For me the act itself is meditative. Then there's the question of language.

Det är intressant det här med vilket språk man skriver på.
It's quite interesting the effect that the language itself has.

That's why I love translation...getting the sense across, capturing voice. Quite bracing and challenging. Depending on the topic, more or less interesting. My Swedish is to the point where there are some things I can get to the source of much more easily than in English. Also, I think that Swedish fills a different function in my life than English does. I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet...I'm a work in progress.

With fabulous socks!

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