Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 42: My summer is made!

Today, I move to my next location in town...the Sweeties, their parents and Bagarmossen. Any of you who have known me for any period of time, know about my Sweeties, who know me as Auntie Bella and who have been the apples of my eye since the day (after) they were born. (Someone recently said that 8 was almost too old to be called sweeties. I say, an Auntie Bella prerogative ;-))

But I digress...
It's been incredibly relaxing living in Ingrid's apartment. Such a comfortable and warm space. Gave it a little a special thank you to Ingrid, for being so neighborly. The art of neighborliness is somewhat lost on many Swedes. It's not really a part of the culture here. But Ingrid and Leif have for years been the type of neighbors I used to have in NY growing up. And that my mom had until the day that she died, still living in the same building.

Hej då Ingrid! Och TACK!

Happy news for the day: the bathroom may well be done ahead of schedule, maybe as early as July 5! I'm way too weary of contractors to count on it. But still...the tiling (both walls and floor) is done, the electrical work is finished. They have to finish the ceiling and mount the fixtures, which I think is the least complicated part of the project. All in all, it looks promising and an excellent note on which to kick off the summer, which I officially declared open today!

On the itinerary so far:

  • Vacation with Sweeties
  • Elizabeth Gattman's bon voyage party
  • Songsemester i stan
  • Dinner with Travis and Suellen
  • Cynthia visits from Herräng
  • Hesselby Slott Folk Festival
  • Försäljning på loppis
all leading up to...ta-ta-ta-ta...Lori and Dorit's visit in August! Cause for celebration, n'est-ce pas?

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