Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 213: Try, try again

Out I went into the neighborhood, the picture of calm in the midst of throngs of holiday shoppers. While people all around me were rushing around making their last minute purchases, I lingered at store windows and strolled along aisles of wares, fully content in knowing that I was there only to take a walk.

I did stop by Muffinsfabriken (the muffin factory, which isn't a factory at all but rather a cozy café that specializes in muffins) where I picked up two muffins, one cardamom and one saffron, for my working afternoon tea. Assassins program editor, and my good friend, Örjan was coming over. We would proofread the latest PDF while he runs his plastic containers through my dishwasher. All in a day's work ;-)

Although I proofread for a living for many years, I am still astounded at how many times you can read and reread a text (and this one is equivalent to only about five full pages) and still find errors. Just when you think, NOW it's all correct, you see a misplaced comma or a missing period or a misspelled word.

Oh well, as my hero always says, "God is in the details."

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