Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 35: Midsummer

It was a postcard Midsummer Day's Eve. Clear sky. Sunshine. Warm. Boat ride out to Tynningö where my friend Birgitta lives. It's a small community with about 500 year-round residents. Naturally there were many more people there today as friends and relatives, as well as people who have a summer cottage on the island, joined the locals in a truly traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration.

Against this view in Birgitta's backyard

we started with the traditional herring lunch

at the impeccably set table

 Stomachs full, we drove over to the Midsummer Meadow in time to watch the Maypole being raised

and to dance and sing around it.

Thank you to Birgitta and family, as well as to the weather gods, for a simply perfect midsummer celebration.

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