Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 34: Bomfaderalla lej

One by one the people who'd signed up for learning Swedish Midsummer and drinking songs at my place tonight changed their RSVPs to no. When we were down to just three people including me, I canceled the event. Soon after, I received a disappointed e-mail from one of the two remaining people. She'd been so looking forward to the event, had even told her friends and colleagues that she was going to learn some Swedish songs in time for Midsummer. So I thought, why not? and invited her to come by anyway.

We spent a couple of hours singing and chatting. A lovely young woman with an interesting international background. Reminds me a bit of myself at her age. She left a little while ago, three new songs under her belt, very excited to show off her newly acquired tunes. It all goes to show that when things do not work out quite as you'd expected, flexibility can really pay off. Now, I too am better prepared for tomorrow's festivities.

Happy Midsummer everyone!

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