Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 291: Three outings, two naps, one visit

A day chock full of stuff. In the morning, off I went to the opening of the Ruud van Empel exhibition at Fotografiska, including an interview with the photographer and breakfast. (Outstanding coffee, btw.) This began way before my usual wake up time and included a 2 kilometer walk in each direction, hence nap number one when I got home.

Then a one kilometer walk to meet a friend and her daughter for lunch at our favorite Mexican place...OK it's the only Mexican Stockholm. More walking back to my place where we hung out and played a lot of peek-a-boo. When they left to go home, on came nap number two.

Woke up in time to go off to the Improvisation & Co. theater where I spent a good couple of hours laughing and enjoying the antics...and in English no less.

So, now I'm ready for nap number three...that I hope will last until morning ;-)

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