Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 286: A girly topic...

Sometimes, I wonder where ideas come from, especially practical solutions to everyday challenges. For example, what first made me think to use rubber gloves (you know, the yellow dish washing kind) as an aid in opening jars? Or the egg slicer to cut boiled potatoes into slices for home fries? Or creating a grocery list from a recipe using cut-and-paste into a calendar entry?

Today's idea was to test shaving my legs before going into the shower using the built-in-shave-gel razor I've owned for several years now on dry legs. How is it that it never occurred to me before that this should work perfectly (which it did btw)? And why did it occur to me today?

I have no answers to these questions. Still, I'm delighted to have done the experiment and made the discovery which will ensure clean shaven legs much more often in future. I am sure you are all delighted to know this too... ;-)

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