Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 274: An embarrassment of riches?

No such thing when it comes to plastic storage containers!

I've been passing this display at the local supermarket for weeks now, always resisting the urge to buy because, truly, I have my share of plastic containers at home. Still, it hasn't been easy, especially since there are a variety of shapes and sizes in my favorite color (turquoise) and they cost only 10 kronor (about one-and-a-half dollars or less than one euro) a piece.

Now that I still have more than two quarts/liters of chicken soup left after sharing with friends and eating myself, I decided I'd better freeze some. Guess what? I discovered that I really did not have the appropriate size container for soup. All of mine are too small. Joy of joys...I get to buy some after all!

All good things do come to those who wait! ;-)

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