Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 273: All's well that ends well

A pair of torn up theater tickets cannot be the source of happiness. Or can they? A friend and I were all set to go to Stadsteatern this evening and see From Sammy with Love, a tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr. starring two of Sweden's most renowned entertainers. At eleven o'clock this morning, I received a text message from the theater informing me that tonight's performance had been canceled due to illness. Disappointment! We had so been looking forward to this production and there was only one more performance left for this season and that performance is sold out.

Oh, well. At least it returns in the fall. We decided to take the bull by the horns and reserve our tickets now. As it is, we could not get seats together. The fall performances are almost sold out already. No matter. Go we shall. Then I discovered that I could pay for the new tickets by entering the ticket numbers from the old tickets online. How convenient is that?! To make matters even better, while I was online I happened to notice that the show's choreographer is David Dalmo who a) was a founding member of Sweden's hottest street dance group Bounce and b) I've known for many years from the world of Lindy hop where he had his dancing debut. So exciting!

You just never know how things will work out. What started as a disappointing day turned out to have a happy ending.

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