Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 272: Rings upon the water

About once a month, a group of women associated with the Chabad movement here in Stockholm arrange a women's evening. The themes vary and I make it a point to attend as often as I can. Last night, there was a guest speaker, a researcher who presented a bit of his work on stress and humor. He was a good speaker, passionate about his subject matter, considerate and sensitive to his audience.

I entered the building at the same time as another woman who recognized and greeted me. As we walked together, she told me that I had inspired her with the story of this blog (which I'd mentioned at a similar meeting last fall). She'd started writing the very next day, she said, and has kept it up ever since. She told me how finding something positive or joyful to write about every day has enriched her life. How she sometimes flips back through the entries and appreciates the record of happy moments that her blog has become.

Rings upon the water...paying it forward...call it what you will, it made me feel so warm inside.

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