Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 194: Slip way

Let me tell you what I am happy about right now:

  1. After freaking me out by displaying a message that my user name and/or password was/were incorrect, it turned out that when I typed in both the password and the captcha phrase, I could log on after all. Phew.
  2. In an hour-long phone conversation we were able to settle the contents and order of the program for Assassins. Efficient, aren't we?
  3. Before leaving the house into the icy winter weather, I both remembered to take my cleats AND remembered where I stored them at the end of last winter.
On that last point, allow me to rave about this wonderful winter aide that enables me to venture into the great outdoors unhindered. I actually do not mind winter weather. The cold does not bother me can always put on another layer of clothing. What terrifies me is the ice and the risk of slipping. It's happened to me once (resulting in a rather severe black eye) and it was not an experience I'd care to repeat. So last year, I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of cleats. They are made of rubber and fit snugly over regular shoes. Without them I would surely hibernate the winter away.

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