Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 54: Behöver du hjälp?

Decided to walk to the Language Exchange MeetUps in Gamla Stan today. On my way, I made a point of stopping every time I saw people with a map and asking them if they needed help. Every person I asked said no, which was kind of disappointing. Here I was, ready willing and able, only to be met with such utter confidence :-) I consoled myself in the knowledge that there were now half-a-dozen or so travelers who will have had friendly contact with (what I hope they would consider, in any event,) a local. It's my personal investment in making Stockholm an even friendlier place. 

My reward...for walking if not for being friendly...was this store in Gamla Stan that is just a sight to behold. Anyone who knows me understands why. I just had to capture it visually (remember the days we used to say "capture it on film?").

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