Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 52: Squishiness

Is there anything quite as squishy as an infant? Today, I had the pleasure of cuddling with an extra-squishy 4-or-so-month-old. The gurgling, the drooling, that wonderful baby smell. The smiles, the cooing, the curious intent looking. Best of all, rocking while singing to her and watching her drift off to sleep in my arms. Yup, there were a few kisses thrown in there too. Bliss!

I do consider the fact that I never will take part in life's greatest experiment...having and raising children...the one true tragedy of my life. Which makes me all the more grateful to have been blessed with friends and family who so willingly share theirs with me. There is always a toy drawer in my house with playthings appropriate to a variety of ages from babies through the elementary school years. Because a home with toys invites visits from the younger lot and makes Auntie Odella a happy camper. Welcome!

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