Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 51: Leftovers

What a treat to open the fridge and find yummy food to eat...without having to prepare any of it myself. Yesterday, I munched on the incredibly delicious cantaloupe and honeydew melon bits that were left over from the book club gathering at my place on Tuesday. Melons are not always what you hope they would be but this time we hit the jackpot. Both the cantaloupe and honeydew were juicy and sweet...just the way I like them.

As my walk in the glorious sunshine was drawing to a close today, I began to think about dinner for tonight. I admit I find it hard to get motivated to cook for one. My first thought was pasta...boil some water, throw in some pasta, complete with sauce (I have pesto in the fridge) and eat. But then I remembered the wonderful spinach and carmelized onion quiche that was also left over from book club. Warmed up in the toaster oven and accompanied by mango mineral water, it hit the spot.

What are you having for dinner tonight? Whatever it is...smaklig måltid!

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