Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 331: You never know...

My little afternoon project was to update the bulletin board in our building's lobby with the names of the new board members. We have one of those boards that you affix gold plastic letters to. As it turns out, this year we have an unusually large number of Ks in our board members' names so I did not have enough letters to go around.

Fortunately, the name and phone number of the letter place is on a sticker on the storage box. I called to make sure they still sell them, which they do. As I was speaking to the nice woman on the phone, it occurred to me to ask if they would be willing to mail the letters to us. Now, bear in mind that I am talking about seven letters, hardly big business for them, so I did not hold out much hope for a positive response. Which only goes to show that if you don't ask, you're sure to get a No,
because this time, I got a Yes.

Her condition was that I send an order via e-mail which I promptly did. A few minutes later I received a confirmation. The letters would be mailed to us on Monday. In addition, she took it upon herself to send a payment voucher so that we don't get charged an invoicing fee. Now that's customer service!

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