Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 328: All's well that ends well

Not such a great start this morning. After yet another "can't fall asleep till the wee hours of the morning" night, up at 6:30 AM to make an 8:00 AM dentist appointment. Got as far as two stations from my place when the subway delays began. The train ahead of ours was stuck at the next station. Wound up turning around and going home after consulting with the dentist. (What did we do before cell phones?)

That auspicious start left me tired and cranky and not at all looking forward to this evening's meeting of the new co-op board. This was to be the first meeting of this year's board elected at last week's shareholder meeting. We have a relatively large board (7 members and 2 deputies, impressive given the building has a total of 24 units) and this year three of the nine are both new to the board and to the building.

The main order of business at the first meeting is deciding on a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Our treasurer agreed to continue as treasurer for the coming year. I've been secretary for several years now and quite like that role. However, our chairperson left the board after several years of service and I suspected my name would be floated in her stead. And I was right.

To my delight and surprise, one of the new board members expressed an interest in chairing! He was ratified and I can thereby continue as secretary. Not only that, but in a round of introductions we discovered that we have a doctor, an electrician, a superintendent, two computer nerds, a couple of handymen and a lot of creative ideas on our board.

Great way to end the day!

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