Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 322: Statistics

Never before have I been as excited to get an update from the Apple App store! Today's Wordfeud update features game statistics! That is music to the ears of a math nerd like me. And they are well designed stats too. You can see your wins, losses, etc. for each language and board combination that you play. These stats only cover games that were started on February 16 or later.

Here's what I discovered:

  • I play a lot of Wordfeud (OK, I already knew that but I put it at the top of the list so that you won't have to comment :-))
  • My percentage win rate in English (83%) is only slightly better than in Swedish (78%)
  • I resign very few games, and those I do are never because I am losing
  • It is easier (for me?) to score high points and to make 7-letter words in English than in Swedish
But anyway, see for yourself...oh, and do send me a game invitation if you want to play. My username is OdellaBella.

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