Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 319: Singin' in the rain

One of the absolute best inventions ever is the headphones. As I marched off to the Language Café to try and revive my long-lost French, I put in my ear buds, turned on Spotify and walked to Gamla Stan singing the entire way. Singing makes me happy. The look on people's faces as I walk down the street singing out loud is priceless. I do it without ear buds too but have to admit to a certain freedom and pleasure with them in. For one thing, I'm surrounded by music. For another, I can't hear myself which means I'm not inhibited and can sing with gusto. Mind you, I'm fairly certain I'm singing on key, but I know I don't sound quite as loud or as good as inside those ear buds.

And the rain? It was actually sleet. None of it stuck but we are all beginning to feel that spring has simply gone on strike. Hey, but what do I care? I'm singing.

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