Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 314: Book hangover

One of the women in the book club I belong to used the term "book hangover" to describe the feeling when a book you've read keeps holding on. You can't quite shake it and you can't quite get into the next book because the previous one has not moved over to make room for a new arrival.

That's how I'm feeling today, and it's about a book that I did not think was particularly well-written, although it got a lot of critical acclaim. It's called The Book Thief and is set in a small town in Germany during the time of Hilter. According to the author, the theme of the book is the power of words and I can see that he is true to that theme. That, however, is not what stuck with me. Rather, the story got me thinking about how important it is to know what's important in order to create a life you consider a life worth living.

I'm happy to have found something worthwhile in the book, at least in retrospect.

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