Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 238: Separation Anxiety

Stephen Sondheim as I first remember him
Every good production requires a dress rehearsal. Tomorrow will be mine. Tomorrow I revert to Jane Q. Public, just a regular theater goer with a passion for musicals in general, and Sondheim in particular. No longer production manager for Assassins, I will be an audience member tomorrow night along with a group of former colleagues. Then, although the show plays through Saturday night, I will retain my civilian status and head toward the U.S. for a wedding followed by a nice visit in NY to reconnect with friends and family.

What an adventure it's been. What excellent work we've done. And how much I've learned. About the production process. About the creative process. About the business end of show business. And, not least, about myself. Moments of intense pleasure and joy, pride in the work and my contributions, a long hard look in the mirror, blemishes and all. An opportunity to forgive myself. And to appreciate the lessons the journey has taught me.

More Sondheim to the people. Mr. Sondheim, to whom I'm ever so grateful for the many ways in which he has enriched my life over the many decades that our paths have overlapped.

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