Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 191: Creature comforts...

It's been a serene home day today. Mattias called at 08.30, alltså before my morning coffee, always a dangerous move and done at one's own risk ;-) There was a quiet steady snowfall all day and the view from my kitchen was enchanting.

Had a long, uninterrupted pass of Rummikub, which I just love, this morning. Rummikub is a game of my youth. Nowadays, you can play it online with opponents worldwide. When I was a kid, my Aunt Giza used to have a  regular game with the neighborhood ladies, on her balcony. They rotated who hosted and when it was at her house, I got to play. By then I was 16 or so and it was a rite of passage. Before that, we played cards a lot. Everyone in my family was a card player. My parents had a circle of friends, mostly German, who met regularly at "the club," as we called it, to play rummy. It was all very civilized, with coffee and cake served. Fela, the proprietress, was a warm and gracious host. I would make it a habit to stop by at the club on my way home from school...looking for my mother, who often hung out there. Fela would offer saft and sometimes a piece of cake.

And now, my favorite comfort food: roasted chestnuts...MUMS...and putting away the laundry.

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