Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 186: My thanksgiving

I'm reading Little Women for book club and am finding it very soothing. There is something I like about being in the company of these girls. And so much of it still translates to today. There is an American spirit about it, a "can-do-ness" that appeals to the girl in me. Fun to revisit the Marches.

Thanksgiving Day. A little sad. Miss my family and friends. I'm not usually here at this time of year so it's no wonder I didn't get invited by anyone. Could have invited myself to a number of places where I would have been welcome, I'm sure. Still.

Then Lori sweet. And she looked so beautiful in her gorgeous necklace. And life was good again. (namaste)

Today, a day of Thanksgiving. I honor my inner Jag. Which is I, in English. Ani, in Hebrew. And cook for the week. Allrecipes to the rescue as usual. Decided on one soup and one meat dish. Looked at what I had in the fridge. Last go-round it was pasta, so no pasta this time. Voilà the results, yumminess indeed.

Back to the Marches: Amy's just come home from Aunt March's and declared that she intends to turn her closet into a retreat for meditation and being for herself. This blogg is my retreat in a way. For those who've been following, we're more than half-way through the journey. Thank you for coming along for the ride. And thank you Grace Ann for the inspiration.

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