Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 28: Mosaic...and Music

You know it's going to be a good day when the staff at Espresso House are singing along to Stevie Wonder and it's not even 10 AM yet. Funny, though, how they got very self-conscious about it as soon as I started singing along too. Still, for a moment there we were all caught up in the refrain...I just called to say how much I ca-a-are, yes I do...and everyone was smiling.

A short while later, Helen showed up and off we went to Kakel&Design where Helen helped me pick out tiles for the bathroom floor and walls. Visualization is not one of my strengths and it felt great to have a friend along. As it turned out, I knew a lot more about what I wanted than I thought I did and the entire process took about an hour. It would no doubt have taken much longer if I'd done it alone.

I am writing the blog tonight at my neighbor's kitchen table. She is away until the end of June and never even hesitated when I asked if I could stay in her apartment while the bathroom in mine is being revamped. So it strikes me how much better I've gotten over the years asking people for help. And how much happier my life is as a result. People are almost always happy to help out, which really shouldn't surprise me because I know how good it makes me feel when I can do something to lighten someone else's load.

After Kakel&Design and a yummy lunch, we paid a visit to Claes Ohlsson (a store, not a person) where Helen picked up some food storage containers and I found a ceiling lamp and shower head at a fraction of the price that the tile store was asking. It always makes me happy to get a bargain, so all in all...a good day. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Some of the tile I picked out...for the rest you'll have to wait till it's all installed and done :-))

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