Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 6: Nigglies no more

Nigglies...those "I've been meaning to..." things that you never quite get around to. Every time you run across one, it irritates you, and you say, "I really should fix that." That stain on the wall; the button that needs sewing; the jungle of cables and wires that need untangling; the letter you promised to write; the phone call you really should make; the pile of filing that grows weekly. I'm sure you could add to the fact, it would be fun if you did!

Nigglies steal energy. Taking care of one rewards you with a supreme sense of satisfaction and a new sense of optimism. In my recent whirlwind of spring cleaning, I kept a pair of my favorite slacks, despite the fact that they'd been missing a button for at least three years now. On my walk to Fotografiska today, I passed by one of my favorite clothing stores (Gudrun Sjödén) where I bought the slacks a number of years ago.

Gudrun Sjödén on Götgatan. There are other locations in Stockholm. Check them out.

I decided to go in on the off chance that they would be willing to sell me (dared I hope give me?) an extra button.
Sarah and the button box.

Wonderful Sarah brought out the button box from the back and let me rifle through it. "Of course, we'll give it to you," she said, "if we have one left."

It looked hopeless for a while

Buttons galore...but is the one I need in there somewhere?

but then way down at the bottom of the box, I spotted it!

Home again a few hours later, out came the sewing kit

and on went the button.

I know that every time I put on these slacks, I will revisit this sense of satisfaction with a smile on my face.

One niggly down, the rest to go.

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  1. I love when things like that happen! Several years ago I bought a pair of clogs at Knulp in the city and while I was still living in Texas one of the buckles came off. I was very sad. Then we moved here and I took them to the shop to see if there was anything they could do, maybe sell me a new buckle and would you believe they replaced it and all of the other buckles for free?! Great customer service! I love Gudrun Sjöden also! (and super cool sewing box btw!)