Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 5: What happiness is

This morning, a commercial jingle was occupying my brain, a jingle that claimed "great taste, fine tobacco, that's what happiness is." To each his own, I suppose...and those of you who recognize the jingle also recognize how old it is and how many decades have passed since it was last heard on the airwaves of American television and radio. To wit, from Wikipedia: "The Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act was introduced into Congress in 1969, but it was not until April 1, 1970 when U.S. President Richard Nixon signed it into law. The actual cigarette advertising ban did not come into force until January 2, 1971, as per a compromise that allowed broadcasters to air these commercials during their telecasts of college football bowl games on New Year's Day.[4]Advertisers sure know how to make things stick. Wonder how much brain space out there (and in here) is tied up in commercial jingles?

It's laundry day, which always brings a smile to my face. No, really. Seriously. A smile. One of the reasons is the fabulous "drying cabinet" (torkskåp) found in just about every Swedish laundry room. An ingenious idea, better seen than described, leaves your laundered clothing practically wrinkle free in no time.

You simply hang your newly washed clothes on the metal railings, close the doors, press a button and warm air blows down and circulates to dry everything.

Laundry day also means clean bedding. Today, I even opened a package of brand new bedding to celebrate  completion of spring cleaning the bedroom, during which, by the way, I found this brand new set at the bottom of the linens drawer.

And while I'm at it, take a look at my newly filtered windows. It only took me 9(!) years to let some light into the bedroom while keeping curious eyes out. Another ingenious idea (the filters...not waiting 9 years).

Yup, you've come a long way, baby!

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