Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 347: Music to my ears

Sometime in the next few months, ALLA KAN Institutet, where I led singing circles for a number of years, will be moving. Today, I made my way over there for one last end of term celebration. I could only stay for the first hour, and what an hour it was! Singing filled the room. Familiar songs, songs new to me, solos, sing-alongs. It was so much fun.

Then off I went to a very different type of musical event, to listen to the fruits of a weekend workshop on composing for the theater. Six musicians worked with a couple of scenes from Macbeth  to which they each composed the beginnings of a score. Fascinating to listen to their very different interpretations. Inspiring too to imagine a stage production of Macbeth with a soundtrack.

There is is so much creativity in the world.

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