Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 298: Personal gallery

Visited Erik today. He is close to 90 and quite on the forgetful side these days. Gave me pause to wonder to what extent my brain will function at his age (assuming I live that long, of course). His body is in good shape...not surprising with a lifetime of skiing, and ice skating, and cycling, and canoeing behind him. (Of these, he has only given up skating so far).

Turns out that he has a friend who stops by several times a week to check in on him. A friend who looks at Erik and sees a grown man. A friend who takes things in stride and remembers the person Erik has been. That makes me happy.

The photos are of the hallway outside Erik's apartment which Erik has turned into a gallery of his interests and handiwork. Very homey and quite inspiring. That also made me happy.

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