Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 260: Efficient

When the systems I set in place work, it's pure joy! Sometime last year, I put reminders into my calendar to renew my passports. I have three so keeping track of when each expires is a challenge. Rather than risk discovering that my passport had expired when I was on my way to the airport for some future trip, I scheduled renewals a couple of months before each expiration date.

Today it was time to renew the Swedish passport. This being Sweden, you can make an appointment to renew your passport via the internet. Unfortunately, I missed my appointed time as I took the wrong subway line, so I wound up getting a drop-in number. Just forty minutes later, it was my turn. The police officer checked my height, asked whether I wanted my current passport canceled now or when I pick up the new (I chose the latter), asked for my cell phone number so they can text me when the passport is ready to pick up and then took my photo. I signed on-screen, paid by credit card and that was. The whole procedure took less than five minutes.

Gotta love them Swedes!

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