Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Days 230-232: Post-Premiere High

We did it! After a mere 22 rehearsal days we put on a full-fledged production of Assassins. The first review came out this morning and I quote:

"Upbeat marches and tearful ballads. There are many spoken scenes and director Staffan Aspegren and his  team have really managed to get both text and music to fascinate. Ulricha Johnson, who has translated a number of Sondheim shows into Swedish, shows us that this rhythmically quite intricate syllable hunt can work dramatically."

I am proud, moved, happy. For me, this is a dream come be part of a professional production of a Sondheim musical. My love affair with Sondheims works began many decades ago when I saw my first Sondheim musical on Broadway. Never did I expect to be part of bringing one of them to life on a professional stage. Humbled. Grateful.

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