Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 45: Home sweet home

Thoroughly and totally satiated after a great picnic in the park with my book club buddies. On the menu: fresh fruit salad, home made ice cream and brownies and cheese cake, four cheeses, crackers, potato salad and mashed potatoes, grilled sausages (meat and vegetarian), hot dog buns, wine and water. And there were only 11 of us.

It was a lovely Swedish summer evening, still light at 9 PM as I head home. The occasion was to bid farewell to Elizabeth who has led the book club most recently and is moving back to the U.S. with her husband and their young son. Such occasions always afford me the opportunity to reexamine my decision to stay. Because for me the question of moving here is long forgotten history. Being here is a fact. And the answer to "where are you from?"...which I still get asked surprisingly Söder, the part of Stockholm where I live.

Which I guess just about sums it up on this temperate eve in the country I am happy to call home.

9:30 PM, July 6, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

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